Happy Flirting Day-The fourth day of Anti-Valentine week is celebrated as ‘Flirting Day’. February 18 is celebrated as Flirting Day. Singles and those who are in a relationship can celebrate Flirt Day just for fun.

Actual first step towards any romantic relationship is healthy flirting unless and until it doesn’t harms any one. It can be done by sending naughty texts, surprise kiss, complimenting your partner in the public. But be sure that if someone doesn’t likes it then stop doing so.

Happy flirting Day

Flirting Day Wishes

Here are some flirting day wishes, quotes and messages to send your partner on this day.

I believe u so much. I trusted u so much but u told my secret to everyone. Why did u told them that I am so beautiful.”

You are the reason my heart beats so fast….. You are the reason I go weak on my knees when you are around….. Happy Flirting Day to you.

Girl= I don’t like the way u keep staring at me..:)
Boy= and I like the way u notice me doing that.
Happy Flirting Day.

“Flirting is like the game of chess…. One wrong move you make and you can end up getting married…. Flirt smartly.”

Boy: give me a book
Girl: which book u want?
Boy: no no book means.
Happy Flirting Day.

Flirting Day Quotes

 You can spend the flirting Day by chilling out with friends. You can also update your status on Social Media. Download Happy Flirting Day 2022 Wishes and quotes, Flirting Day Quotes with Images for Anti-valentine week.

Happy flirting Day

I need you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, you are my incentive, I live for you.

You look so familiar to me, I guess we took some class together and I bet it was chemistry.

It too hard to lose someone who is 99% cute,
98% sweet,
97% loving,
96% talented and
100% friendly.
That’s me, whats a waste of life if u lose me.
Happy Flirting Day.

Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes again and again

If you don’t flirt, you’re probably dead inside. -Katharine Towne

Flirting is a single person’s way of saying I’m free! but for those in relationships, it’s their way of saying I’m bored.

Flirting Day Whatsapp Status

Without updating whatsapp status, any celebration cannot be completed. Just update beautiful and flirty whatsapp status and tag someone for whom that particular msg is for. I am sure this will be the fun way to celebrate flirt day.

Nobody like You,
Nobody cares for You,
Nobody misses You,
Nobody wants to see you good,
Nobody is your best friend,
Nobody is happy with You….
Don’t cry…….
My name is NOBODY. Happy Flirting Day 2022

What is the height of Flirting?
When your love letter starts with
Happy Flirting Day

Do you know your 1 smile can make 100 peoples die,
so u can decrease this overpopulation,
so baby,
please keep on smiling
Happy Flirt Day 2022
Always remember.

God Made Mud, God Made Dirt, God Made Boys, So Girls Can Flirt!

When SHE cancels a date, it is because…
When HE cancels a date, it is because.
So, guys, it’s Flirt Day….
So keep Flirting.

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Happy Flirt Day Shayari

Celebrate this flirt day by sending Flirt day Shayari, as Shayris is a beautiful composition of words that can express your feeling in good way.

जब भी कोई तुमसे फ़्लर्ट करे

तो प्लीज उसको co-operate करो
यही तो दिन है…

कुछ साल बाद तो कोई घास भी नहीं डालेगा

तेरी आरज़ू मैं हमने बहारों को देखा
तेरी ज़ुस्तज़ु मैं हमने सितारों को देखा
नहीं मिला तुमसे बढ़कर कोई हंसी
इन निगाहों ने हज़ारों को देखा…

हैप्पी फलिर्टिंग डे

Dhadkan Dil Ki Ruk Jati Hai,
Sanse Aksar Tham Jati Hai,
Bahut Buri Halat Hoti Hai Yaaro,
Jab GF Se Shaadi Karne Ki Naubat Aati Hai! Happy Flirting Day

Mohabbat Karli Tumse Bahut Sochne Ke Baad,
Ab Kisi Ko Dekhna Nahi Tumhe Dekhne Ke Baad,
Duniya Chhod Denge Tumhe Pane Ke Baad,
Khuda Maaf Kare Itna Jhooth Bolne Ke Baad!

Happy Flirting Day