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Happy Confession Day 2019:Confessing your love or say that accepting your feelings of love towards someone is the most lovable act one can do in there lovable life.Finding the correct one is luck, falling in love is a lucky thing but to confess your love is a very tough situation.Many young boys and girls always fear that if she or he will say then what?no problem life is one live it joyfully and happily so on this confession day confess your love to your crush don’t step back  with result.

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confession day photo

Happy Confession Day 2019

Happy Confession day is celebrated on 19th Feb every year to carry forward your super romantic and joyful mood of Valentines Week ahead then this day is made for you.So just organize one blind date and confess your love towards your crush and if yes then celebrate that cherished moment with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Surprised by all that love is I remain alert in stillness Hurt by all
    that Love is I yearn for tenderness Happy Confession Day.”
  • Strong and burning and so deep inside.
    Way down past everything that I try to hide.
    Happy Confession Day

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Happy Confession day wallpaper

  • “A beautiful confession:
    It wasn’t the way my heart ached when
    you told her that you love her.
    It was the way my heart broke for you
    when she told you that didn’t want you that way.
    That was how I know I Love You…”
  • Touched by all that love is
    I draw closer toward you
    Saddened by all that love is
    I run from you.

confession day images

Confession day images

Happy Confession Day Shayari

  • “A beautiful confession:
    It wasn’t the way my heart ached when
    you told her that you love her.
    It was the way my heart broke for you
    when she told you that didn’t want you that way.
    That was how I know I Love You…”
  • Koi Ruthe Yaha To Kaun Manane Aata He Ronewala Khud Hi ChupHo Jata He Dunia Bhul Jaye To Koi Gum Nahi Hota Jab APNE Bhul Jae To Rona Ata Ha
  • Maafi Mangne Se Ye Kbhi Sabit Nhi Hota H Ki Hm Galat or Wo Sahi H Mafi Ka Asli Mtlb H Ki Hm Me PREM se Rishte Nibhane Ki Kabiliyat Unse Jyada h.
  • “Defeated by all that love is, at the truthful mouth of the night,
    Forsaken by all that love is, I will grow towards you.
    Happy Confession Day.”
  • Bhool se koi bhool hui to, Bhool samajh kar bhool jana, Are bhoolna sirf bhool ko, Bhool se bhi hame na bhulana

confession day photo

Confession day pic

Confession Day Images/ Wallpaper

Love is one of the cutest feelings and admitting it is the hardest work. Notwithstanding, this year on the occasion of Happy confession day which falls on February nineteenth, there are different site offers free SMS confession for you. You can simply buy in this SMS benefits and send a considerable measure of Happy Confession Day SMS to your companion or cherished and that too totally free of cost. Make this valentines week very unique and commemoration for your darlings.

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Confession day images

  • “If I could have all the time in the world,
    I know what I would do: I’d spend the time.
    In pleasure sublime, Just by being with you
    Happy Confession Day.”
  • True Luv is like a mischievous kid
    It plays and ur feelings make u do naughty things,
    hugs u like a sweet confession
    sleep in ur heart like a newborn baby.
    Happy Confession Day
  • Boy to Girl: I need your advice.
    Girl Replied: OK tell me, What is it?
    Boy: There is a sweet girl, I always think about her & I think I’m in love with her.
    Girl: Then you should tell her about this.
    A boy saw in the eyes of the girl and replied I just did.
    Happy Confession Day 2019


Confession day images 2019

  • “Prayer is a confession of our weakness.
    On Confession Day make yourself,
    wishing my friends a
    very Happy Confession Day 2019”
  • Prayer is a confession of Our weakness.
    On This Confession Day make Yourself
    Happy Confession Day To All My Friends.


Confession Day Background

Happy Confession Day Messages/ SMS

Confession day images and wallpapers also play a vital role in your confession process.You can find various kings of greetings cards for confession day 2019.As this is era of social media so you can download confession day cards and confession day images and whats app it to your lover.You can find these e-cards free of cost at various websites with already writing some inspired quotes and send you sweetheart. 

  • “Today is confession day and I want
    to confess my all previous mistakes.
    And if it is just a formal confession
    I am not able to say even a single word.
    But I am really sorry form my heart.

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  • “Defeated by all that love is at the truthful mouth of the night
    Forsaken by all that love is I will grow towards you.
    Happy Confession Day.”
  • “Though it is shame and toil misguided,
    And to my folly self-derided
    Here at your feet I will admit
    It ill befits my years, my station,
    Good sense has long been overdue!
    And yet, by every indication
    Happy Confession Day”

Confession Day Quotes 2019 Wishes

Hope in this beautiful article you may have founded happy confession day wishes and quotes.you can also download valentines day greeting cards and wishes at no cost.Admitting your flaws or deeds is a critical piece of life and ought to be played by everybody. This is something that gives you inward quality and energy to obey god and comply with god’s tenets and make festivity of this day by using Confession Day Images 2019.Lying is a characteristic and basic human conduct however admitting, is something extremely uncommon. Having definitely know, sooner or later of time throughout everyday life, we need to admit for all our terrible deeds however we don’t acknowledge the well known fact of life.

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