Kiss Day Wishes- Kiss day is the 6th day of Valentines Week list, it is celebrated every year on February 13. A kiss makes the bond between lovers stronger and more romantic. Kiss is the silent token of love that people exchange worldwide on Kiss Day.

Check out some romantic kissing lines for your lady love or send some romantic kiss day messages and cute kiss day wishes. This kiss day is quite popular in India as well as other parts of the world.

Name of the EventDayDate of Festival
Rose DayMonday7 February 2022
Propose DayTuesday8 February 2022
Chocolate DayWednesday9 February 2022
Teddy DayThursday10 February 2022
Promise DayFriday11 February 2022
Hug DaySaturday12 February 2022
Kiss DaySunday13 February 2022
Valentines DayMonday14 February 2022

If by any chance, your beloved is not present in front of you, find a perfect message in order to send to your beloved on Kiss Day.

Happy Kiss Day Date 2021

Kiss Day is celebrated on February 13. in the Year 2021, Kiss day will fall on Saturday (Feb 13, 2021).

Kiss Day Quotes for Girlfriend

Happy Kiss Day is celebrated on 13 Feb, a day before Happy Valentine Day. If your girlfriend is far and you want to wish her kiss day then we have beautiful collections of Kiss day quotes for your girlfriend, which you can share with your lady love.

You can share Kiss Day Quotes with Kiss day Images on social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Send lots of kisses to your love and energize your relationship. Happy Kiss Day……..

I love kissing you and if you say I can kiss you for the whole day. Happy kiss day sweetheart.

Happy kiss day my love. While typing this message, I can see your pink lips with the shiny gloss. Love you.

Kisses are important for any relationship to get strong and full of love. So, lots of kisses to you, dear girlfriend.

You’re the only sample of natural sugar found in a human form. No wonder why I can’t resist myself from kissing you! Happy kiss day!

Kiss is the first language

We understand right from birth

Happy KiSS Day…

“Kiss is one action that describes

What thousands of words can not?

It shows love and affection…

We get heat from the sun,

We get water from rain,

We breathe through air,

And sweet kiss energize the relationship.


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Kiss day Quotes for Boyfriend

If your love, your Boyfriend is not with you on this auspicious day, then you can send them the quotes from our collection. You can set these Kiss Day Quotes for Boyfriend on your WhatsApp, Facebook profile section for your Boyfriend. You can update Instagram story too. You can update some spicy kiss messages like this -kiss your love & love him forever.

Five benefits of Kissing
Change Taste
Burn Calories
Lips never go dry
Relieve stress
Make face muscles strong
So keep Kissing

Now matter how many kisses I give you, but I can never forget the feeling of our first kiss. Love you.

You know what doctors say, Kissing is good for health. It increases your life and keeps you alive. Happy kiss day, let’s kiss now.

How can I forget kissing you on the kiss day? Though I am far away, I am sending my kisses to you handsome.

Kissing someone is a wonderful feeling and strengthens the bonding. Happy kiss day and keep kissing people you love.

“Kiss is sweet, a sweet gesture of love, gratitude or respect, and the attitude of love…

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On this Kiss day, I open my heart to let you know how much I love you. Happy Kiss Day my love!

Your kiss is the key to paradise. I want to be in paradise and I want the key now. I miss you a lot. Happy kiss day boyfriend!

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Shayari on Kiss Day

Shayaris have their own effect, these Shayari words have the power to directly touch the heart. Create your greeting cards with the help of happy kiss day Shayari in Hindi that is available here. Surely this will make your day special. Download kiss day Shayari in Hindi, Kiss Day Shayari in Urdu. Kiss day Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend, Kiss day special Shayari, and many more.

मोहब्बत के रंग में डूबी शाम हो,
एक नई शुरुआत का पैगाम हो,
मिले तेरे होठ मेरे होठों से ऐसे,
जैसे मेरे होठ तेरे और तेरे होठ मेरे नाम हो।

चुम लूँ तेरे होठों को दिल की ये ख्वाहिश है,
बात ये मेरी नहीं दिल की फरमाइश हैं।

मुझे बाँहों में बिखर जाने दो,
अपनी मुश्कब्र साँसों से महक जाने दो,
दिल मचलता है और साँसे रूकती है,
अब अपने होठों को मुझे छू लेने दो।

कभी दूर ना जाना तुम,
मैं तुम्हें बहुत मिस करूँगा,
अगर तुम दूर गई तो,
तेरी यादों को ही किस करूँगा।

लबों से लबों की बात हो जाने दे,
तरस जो बरसों एक हो जाने दे,
सुर्खियाँ चुरा लूँ रंगत उड़ा दूँ,
आशिक को आज थोडा बदनाम होने दे।

kiss day images in hindi

जज्बात-ए-इश्क नाकाम ना होने देंगे,

दिल की दुनिया में कभी शाम ना होने देंगे।

प्यार का हर इल्जाम अपने सर पर ले लेंगे,

पर हम तुम्हें कभी बदनाम ना होने देंगे।

हद से ज्यादा तेरे करीब आने को जी करता है,

तेरे होठों को छू जाने का दिल करता है।

तुम हो मेरे बेताब दिल की धड़कन

तुम्हें अपना बनाने को दिल करता है।

होठों से छू लो तुम मेरा गीत अमर कर दो,

बन जाओ मीत मेरे मेरी प्रीत अमर कर दो।

mujhe baahon mein bikhar jaane do,

apanee mushkabr saanson se mahak jaane do,

dil machalata hai aur saans rookatee hai,

ab to apane hontho ko mujhe chhoo lene do.

मैने तुझसे जमाने की खुशी मांगी है,

एक हल्की सी मेरे लब पे हंसी मांगी है।

सामने तुझको बैठाकर देरा दीदार करूं

जी में आता है जी भर के तुझे प्यार करूं।

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Kiss Day Wishes for Wife

Kissing can assist you with moving you away from huge loads of tension and pointless agonies. Kiss day is a delightful day for sweethearts to come nearer and go through some sentimental minutes kissing and stroking! Yet, the thing you need first to approach your sweetheart is a sentimental kiss day wish. Husband-wife should also celebrate this day with the same enthusiasm as teenagers do.

We have the latest collection of Happy Kiss Day Wishes for your wife. Best of Kiss Day SMS in Hindi for wife and lovely kiss day images, Kiss Day wishes to share with her on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Kiss day wishes are definitive instruments you need to intrigue your darling. Here is a beautiful collection of Kiss Day Wishes for Wife.

Sweetheart, sending you a loving kiss to let you know how much you mean to me. I wish to say by your side forever. Happy Kiss Day!

Kissing you is like a drug to me and you are my addiction I CAN’T LIVE OUT YOU… I LOVE YOU MY LOVE…

Your sweet kisses are like a raindrop falling on my heart. Your love is my last hope on a deserted island. Happy Kiss Day!

kiss photo

You and your kisses are the two most precious things I have received in life. I’m addicted to you. Happy Kiss Day!

“A gentle kiss from your love is a sign of respect and care with a silent I LOVE YOU !!!

Kisses work like a natural sweetener for every relationship. The more you kiss, the sweeter the bond you share. Happy Kiss Day!

“Love and kiss are significant because when u love u express and when u express is when u kiss… HAPPY KISS DAY

Kiss Day Wishes for Husband

Make this 13th of February extra special for your husband with this Beautiful Kiss Day msgs. We bring newest collection of kids day images, greetings, Kiss Day messages for husband.

With these Happy Kiss Day wishes and Kiss Day Shayari in Hindi, share with your hubby. Start your kiss day with a kiss on his forehead and ends with a kiss on his lips. 

Kiss is the most pure form of love, make love to me baby. Happy kiss day!

Just a kiss makes my day, a peck of kiss every morning brightens up the day. Happy kiss day hubby!!!

Let your lips touch mine and be grateful to almighty for giving us each other. Happy Kiss Day!

The touch of your lips is the only delicacy I can have today. Love you so much. Happy Kiss Day!!

A day without the touch of your lips makes me really really sick.. I can’t live without you. Happy Kiss Day!

Be mine and kiss me forever… I love you…. Happy Kiss Day!

kiss photo 2021

Nothing makes more feel more protected and loved than you kiss. I need your kiss to let go off my worries. Happy Kiss Day!

Your kiss energizes my soul and keeps my heart warm. I forget everything around me when you hug me tight and kiss me on the forehead. Happy Kiss Day Hubby!

Happy Kiss Day Wishes

Kiss is an simple yet very effective way to express feelings for your loved ones, and as the Kiss Day (valentine Week ) is one such day when you can show your feelings for them by giving a simple kiss and make them feel how special they are.

Kiss is the most pure form of love, make love to me baby. Happy kiss day!

Of everything that tastes sweet, your lips are the sweetest. I can’t wait to start my day with a passionate kiss from you! Happy kiss day.

Kissing lets us fall in love with each other again and again and make us flawless in the eyes of each other forever. Happy kiss day.

Nothing can be more precious than a kiss from your sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day and advance happy Valentines Day!

Today I open my heart to let you know how much I love you. Happy Kiss Day!

The touch of your lips is the only delicacy I can have today. Love you so much. Happy Kiss Day!!

kiss day thoughts

Kiss me Messages

Kisses are like morning dew on the flower, sometimes just one kiss & thus it makes whole day. Kiss seriously evaporates all your worries.

 Kiss day is a beautiful day for lovers to come closer and spend some romantic moments kissing and caressing!. Kiss day wishes are the ultimate tools you need to impress your lover.

I want to kiss you, hug and love you, that’s all I need right now and always.

Your kiss sends me to the moon, I want to kiss you again.

The best kiss comes from the one who truly loves you, I want you to kiss me.

In the sea of the lips, there’s only yours and it is your lips I can only think of. I want to kiss you.

To kiss is to love, to love is staying connecting with each other, your lips placed against mine.

I dream of a special kiss, a kiss of enduring love, a kiss of romantic, playful lips.

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.

kiss images 2021

Kiss me. Really kiss me. Take the breath from me and replace it with yours so I would breathe your very essence.

Kiss is sweet, a sweet gesture of love,
A gratitude of respect and the attitude of love…

When You and I meet, I came to know that you are Soo Sweet, When our Lips Meet, Our Love Gets Complete.😘

The Kiss Quotes

Here are some Kiss Day Messages, Quotes, SMS, Facebook statuses to share with your partner-Here is a collection of kiss day messages and kiss day quotes. You can send these kiss day wishes and messages to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or to your crush!

Happy kiss day my sweetheart. You know, whenever I see you, I fall in love with you and want to kiss you hard.

This kiss day, I don’t want to kiss on your cheek or forehead. Give me your lips, I want to make it red.

Kisses are important for any relationship to get strong and full of love. So, lots of kisses to you, dear girlfriend.

Lots and lots and lots of kisses to my beautiful girlfriend on a special kiss day. Have a great day.

Lots and lots and lots of kisses to my beautiful girlfriend on a special kiss day. Have a great day.

happy kiss day 2021

First Kiss Day Wishes

If you are newly committed, this valentines day is going to be extra special for you. Presenting first kiss day wishes for all new comers.

Kiss is the signature of passion and love! Happy Kiss Day!

When we kissed for the first time, I could swear that I heard our souls whisper ever so quietly: “Welcome home

In kisses, nature designed a lovely trick to stop the unnecessary words!

As you kissed me for the first time, my mouth wrote a poem of welcome to your lips.

kiss day images 2021

After our first kiss I knew I was hooked on you and I would follow you anywhere.

 As I tasted your sweet lips, I knew I wanted it to be my last first kiss.

Kiss Day Quotes in Hindi

मेरे प्यार का अफसाना भी है,
इसमें प्यार का खज़ाना भी है।
इसलिए चाहते है आपसे एक kiss माँगना,
और आज तो माँगने का बहाना भी है…

साँसों में बड़ी बेकरारी है …आँखों में कई रात जगे … कहीं कभी लग जाये दिल तो … कहीं फिर दिल ना लगे Happy Kiss Day

Kiss किसी Ki महफि़ल Me, Kiss किसी ने किस किस को Kiss किया,

एक हम थे जिसने हर Miss Ko Kiss किया,

और एक आप थे जिसने पर Kiss को Miss किया

Happy Kiss Day

Happy Kiss Day Status

Send a kiss status using social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram, if someone is not near you and you are missing the person. We have an awesome list of best and latest kiss day status & kiss day quotes for your gf & boyfriend.

Kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature,
To stop speech when words become superfluous…
Happy Kiss Day

Doctors claim that kissing reduces blood pressure. So, I want to kiss you daily to keep us always fit.

Let our lips do all the talking today. Happy Kiss Day!

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. Happy Kiss Day

“Kiss is the process of charging up human bodies”

I love yesterday, Which has been passed,
I will love you tomorrow, Which is coming, I love you at the moment,
Which is presented. Happy Kiss Day Baby

Kiss is garnished on dish of love with love. HAPPY KISS DAY

Kiss Day Wishes Quotes Video

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