Romantic Valentines Day Poems – Love Poems for Valentine Day 2020

Valentines Day Poems:You require not generally compose/write long letters for a person you cherish in light of the fact that you can spill your heart out through short valentines Day Poems. As Valentine’s Day is the day of praising affection, express your enthusiastic love for the man/lady with these short valentine lyrics.

With these short and charming sonnets , you can express love as well as influence your adored feel to like the King and Queen of the world.Valentines Day poem can be a very different and something musical way to propose your lover on valentine.You can write these cute Valentines day poems on simple greeting card and gift it to your crush,and surely this will make both of your day superb.

Here are some very cute Valentine poems that you cannot afford to miss.Valentine’s Day is approaching and all the love birds couples are trying to impress their crush/love. So, Here we have collected some unique and sweet Valentines Day poems Shorts for your love. You can use these Valentines Day poems for her and you can also use these Valentines Day short poems for him.

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I want to be near you by day and by night.

I miss you immensely when you’re out of sight.

It’s hard to explain these feelings I feel;

I just want you to know they’re deep and so real.

You are amazing, just right for me,

A perfect companion with spirit so free.

The things you accomplish with talent galore

Fill me with pride, because you’re mine to adore.

I am thankful I’m with you, sharing my life,

I love and adore you, my wonderful wife.

Each day spent with you is a day that’s made fine.

Your love is a blessing, my sweet Valentine.

  By Karl Fuchs

On Valentine’s Day, I pray for you.

that our love for each other

will be as deep and boundless

as the love shown to us

by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I pray that our loving bond

will be as unbreakable and everlasting

as the Lord’s love for us.

I pray that each Valentine’s Day

will remind us to be as

selfless and giving with each other

as our Lord was for us.

By Joanna Fuchs

My days are filled with yearning;

My nights are full of dreams.

I’m always thinking of you;

I’m in a trance, it seems.

You’re all I ever wanted;

I wish you could be mine;

And so I have to ask you:

Will you be my Valentine?

By Joanna Fuchs

Night is falling my heart is calling

I feel so lonely I need you only

but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed

if you’ll be my Valentine

I’ll take you instead

By Jenni-lea

Hearts and flowers on Valentine’s day.

heart shaped candy, help me say:

I Love you in a special way,

because love is the reason for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is a special time

for songs to sing

and poems that rhyme,

a happy time for everyone.

I’m so glad you’re a friend of mine

By Kelly Russell

You’re everything I ever wanted

I wish you could be mine;

And so I must ask you:

Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s day is around,

Cupid’s Heart and that wonderful sound,

Express yourself and be a brave heart,

Make your valentine your sweetheart.

was angry with my friend;

I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was angry with my foe:

I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I waterd it in fears,

Night and morning with my tears:

And I sunned it with smiles,

And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,

Till it bore an apple bright.

And my foe beheld it shine,

And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole.

When the night had veiled the pole;

In the morning glad I see,

My foe outstretchd beneath the tree.
By William Blake

A single flow’r he sent me, since we met,

All tenderly his messenger he chose;

Deep-hearted pure, with scented dew still wet – –

One perfect rose.

I know the language of the floweret.

My fragile leaves, it said, his heart enclose.

Love long has taken for his amulet

One perfect rose.

Why is it no one ever sent yet

One perfect limousine, do you suppose?

Ah no, it’s always just my luck to get

One perfect rose.

– By Dorothy Parker

You were there by my side,

all my fears and doubts subside

You are my strength deep inside

you are the moon and I am the tide

Must, bid the Morn awake!

Sad Winter now declines,

Each bird doth choose a mate;

This day’s Saint Valentine’s.

For that good bishop’s sake

Get up and let us see

What beauty it shall be

That Fortune us assigns.

– By Michael Drayton

Tell me how many beads there are

In a silver chain

Of evening rain,

Unravelled from the tumbling main,

And threading the eye of a yellow star: –

So many times do I love again.

–By Thomas Lovell Beddoes


It was love at first sight,

Soon his arm was around me tight.

When I first looked into his eyes,

I knew he was my winning prize.


love can be good love can be bad

we all want something we never had

is there a soul mate out there for me

that special person one day we will see


love you more than you know,

please never leave me and go.

I want to spend every moment with you,

and you know you want it too.


Sit for a minute and hold my hand.

Let’s dig our feet into the sand.

Listen to the waves crash on the shore.

Let’s want a little and then yearn for more

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