Happy Valentines Day Wishes/Quotes/SMS/Status in Bangla

šŸŽŠValentines Day Wishes in Bangla:Ā Valentine’s Day is really a very special day for every love couple. Large number of young boys and girls egarly wait for this Season of love and they plan various different exciting ways to propose there lover. Each and every love birds celebratešŸŽŠ

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Happy Valentines DayšŸŽŠ with great zeal and enthusiasm. We are also providing Valentines Day wishes in different languages like Valentines Day wishes in Bangla,Valentines Day wishes in Marathi,Valentines day wishes in Hindi,Valentines day wishes in English so that Language does not becomes barrier in between two loving souls.

We will try to give you the best collection of Happy Valentines Day Bangla Sms for the next Valentines Day 2019. So this is the right place for your required Bangla Love Sms collection to show your dedication and your pure love with Valentineā€™s Day Wishes in Bangla and Love Quotes for Valentine.

We also, share lovely and romanticĀ Bangla Love Sms for Girlfriend,Ā Bangla Love Sms for Boyfriend, Bangla Love SmsĀ  Bangla Romantic Wishes For Friend, Bangla Romantic quotes In BanglaĀ 

Happy Valentines Day Love Special SMS in Bangla

Lekhok Hote Hole Kalomer Jor Lage.

Rajniti Bid Hote Hole Golar Jor Lage.

R Sotti Korer Premik Hote Hole Moner Jor Lage..


Jokhon Ghum Ase. Tokhon Sopno Ase,

Jokhon Swapno Ase. Tokhon Tumi Asho,

R Jokon Tumi Asho. Tokhon Ghum Ashe Na..


Valo Lage Meghe Dhaka Sopner Jal Bunte.

Valo Lage Nil Akaser Rangdhanu Khujte.

Valo Lage Jodi 2mi Amay Kchse Daakleā€¦

R Valo Lagee Jodi Amay Mone Tumi Rakhle.


Jato Bhalobasa Peyechi 2mar Kach Thake;

Dustu Ei Mon Chai Aro Besi Pete;

Ki Jani 2mar Modhe Ki Achhe;

Ei Mon Sudhu Chai 2mak Aro Besi Kache Pete.


Chena Prithibe Achena Lage, Likechi Kobita 2mar Naame,

Jochona Akase Bristi Jhore,

Vijechi Ami 2mar e Preme!!


Pakhi bole… ‘Dhorona amai “

Gach bole… ‘Ketona amai.. “

Ful boleā€¦ Ā ‘chirona amai.. “

Mon bole… ‘vengona ami..

R Ami boliā€¦ ā€œvule jeo na amayā€

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Romantic Valentines Day Wishes in BanglaĀ 

Since the enhancing patterns of cell/phones, people groups have picked SMS/instant messages as a decision to send valentine welcome,Valentine Wishes Valentine SMS Pleased valentine’s day sms, Valentine’s day 2019 sms, valentine messages, valentine wishes, valentine wording welcome, valentineĀ  sms.So here are lovely Valentines day wishes in Bangla

Shanto nodir dekhar mahje

Monta shudu tomay khuje

Boshe achi tai nodir tire

Koto je shopno tomay ghire

Tumi shudui amar hobe

Sob somoy pashe robe.

********************************************************************************Bhalobasha holo rong donur saat-ronger moto

Rong donu jemon saat-rong chara jay na

Temni shotto mittha abeg onuvhuti

Biswash kosto kanna asob chara valobasha hoy na!


Adhar ghorer bati tumi chader o hashi

Amar theke tomay ami onek valobashi

Jhosna rater tara tumi moner akasher chad

Tumi amay bhalobesho diba nishi raat.


Tomar Jonno Roilo Amar Sopne Veja Ghum.

Ekla Thaka Shanto Dupur, Ratri Ei Nijhum.

2mar Jonno Roilo Amar Dustu Chokher Vasa.

Moner Majhe Lukie Rakha Anek BHALOBASAā€¦


Amar protiti niswashe acho tumi mishe

Acho tumi amar jibonta jure

Jhosna raater alo tumi adhar ghorer baati

Tai tomay ami amar thakeo onek bhalobashi


2mi Jodi 80 Years Bacho,Tobe 720ta Purnima Pabe ,

80 Ta Birthday Pabe,

2/3 Ta Shurjo Grahon Pete Paro , Butā€¦

Amar Moto Lover 1tai Pabe..

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Best SMS Quotes/Wishes in Bangla

Each darling are find better approach to make this day extremely uncommon and to commend it in exceptionally momentous way. All things considered they are settle numerous sort of plan for BF or GF. A few people buy exceptional present for her darlings and you may send Love Sms Bangla and Romantic Valentines Day Wishes in Bangla to your dearest ones. You should will to send some Bangla Valobashar Sms to you Loved one on this Upcoming Valentine’s day. Valentines Day Wishes in Bangla that you send to your Boyfriend/Girlfriend and it should must be great, astute and important additionally sentimental.

Icche kore apon mone shara akash ghurte

Icche kore pakhir moto megher piche urte

Icche kore chader moto pub-akase uthte

Icche kore fuler moto, gondo niye futte.

R icche kore tomake valobeshe shat ronge ranggate!!!!

Jibon Ta Aj Sada Pata, Lekhar Kichui Nei.

Morubhumi Tei Darie Achi,Purano Ami Sei.

Hotat Kore Keno Kande Aaj Amar Mon,

Takie Dekhi Harie Geche AMAR APONJAN..

********************************************************************************Ami chad chaina se utbe rate

Ami rat chaina, se harabe provat

Ami ful caina, se jorbe diner seshe.

Chai ekta sundhor mon je vulbe na amake.


Sukh pakhita aaj melece dana

Koshto niye tai aarr vabina

Buk vora aj sudhui shopno.

Nijeke jeno aaj mone hoy dhonno

Se sudhu tumari valobasar jonno.


Prodip jaliye rekho, adhar kete jabe

Chokh buje theko, shopno dekhte pabe

Mon khule reko, sukh ure asbe

Hridoy diye dekho, 2mar majhe amy khuje pabe!!!


Kon rongeri chuaye tui bhule asish amaye

Ajo ami eka achi sudhu tor asaye

Shopno amar duti cokhe toke sudhu ghire

Kemon kore thakis-re tui amake vule!


Tumi amar valobasha tumi amar pran

Tumi amar ekla moner mishti oviman

Tumi amar chukher vetor acho brishti hoye

Dhorar buke brishti hole tumay mone pore

Aaj khub beshi mone porche tumake

Jani ghum hobe na rate


Tumake ei jibone cheyechi sharajibon chaibo

Tumake ami pai ba na pai sharajibon tumay valobashbo

Tumar mukh theke ekti bar ” I love you” shunar jonno

Sarajibon opekkha korei jabo!!


Pakhi bole dhorona amay

Gache bole ketona amay

Full bole chirona amay

Mon bole bhengona amay

Aar ami boli vule jeo na amay


Khuje dekho moner majhe

Achi ami shopno saaje

Tomar oi choker taray

Hajaro shopno eseh daray

Shuker shei shopner majhe

Pabe tomi amai khuje.


BestĀ  Valentine Wishes in Bangla for Boyfriend

Amar hridoyer khub govire rekheci tumay joton kore

Jekhane sudhui tomar boshobash

Ei hridoye tumi amr ekti nil akash

Tai shei hridoyer majkhane chirodin tumi theko

Sudhui amar jonno tumar hridoye ektu valobasha rekho!

********************************************************************************Bochor ghure aschey abar valobasha dibosh

Moner kotha ujar kore korbo tomay prokash

Je kotha-ti bolbo bole ajo opekkhay achi

Bondhu tomay Hridoy theke onek valobashi.


Aaj mon khusite urte chay akashe

Pakhider sathe sathe ghurte chay batashe

Valobashar akashe dilam mele dana

ojanar deshe jabo korbe na keu mana.

*******************************************************************************Manush jibone Dukkho, Koshto, Sukh, Sopno

Asha, Opoman sob vulte pare.

But ekta jinish kokhono vulte parena

R seta holo “Real Love!”


Tumar Jodi valo lage bhorer Oi akash
Tobe tumi shur melau pakhir mishti gaane
Tumar Jodi valo lage meghla Oi akash
Tobe tumi mon ke vasau megher velay
Tumar Jodi valo lage raater Oi akash
Tobe tumi hariye jau oi tarar mela
Tumar Jodi valo lage Sudhui amay
Tobe tumi Chupi chupi janiye diyo Tumar isharay..!

********************************************************************************Nirjone boshe achi eka

bujhbe na tumi amar moner betha

valobasar oporade hoy jodi fashi

tobuo bolbo ami tomay valobasi.


Jodi Valobasar Ortho Hoy tumake Shara Din Miss Kora
Tobe Ami Valobasi Tomakei
Jodi Valobasar Ortho Hoy Chokh Bondo kore Tumar Chobi Canvasar Moto Fute utha
Tobe Valobashi Tumakei
jodi Valobasar Ortho Hoy Tumar Smritite Shara Din Dub Mere Thaka
Tobe valobasi Sudhui Tumakei!

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Valentines Day Wishes in Bangla for Girlfriend

Amar Mayabi Shopno Gulo Aaj sidheHara

Ocin Purer Vabna Guli Aj Badhon Hara

Kokhono ektu Rag, Abar Kokhono ektu Hashi

Tarpore o Keno Jeno tumay Ajo Valobashi!


Ami janina ami tumake koto tuku valobashi

But eto tuku jani… ami amar cheye beshi

tumake valobasi… I Love You…!!!


Amar Valobasa Amar Kache Abar Fire Eseche

So Ami Seta Grohon Korbo Naki Firiye Dibo?

Kothay Ache Prothom Prem Kokhono Bifole Jay Na..

Jodi Ami Seta Grohon Kori Tahole Plz Like me Frnd!!


Pukur pare boshe jokhon likhchi kobita

du noyone bhashche sudhu tomar chobita

Mehgla akash, ekla ami ekla amar mon

Vabsi kobe tumi hobe amar aponjon???


ekti bar bhebe dekho ami nei tomar pashe

vabtey dekho tomar duchokh jure

kivabe ojhosro kanna ashe

ki kore vabbe tumi ami hina tomar jibon

karon tomar oi montar shate badha je amar ei Mon!!!


Ami Surjo k bollam valobasa ki?

Surjo bollo rater adar ke dure shoriye

manush ke alo dewar nam Hocche valobasha

Nije jole pure onnoke alokito korar nam hocche Valobasa!

Tobe Etai Ki Sothik?..!


Keu tumake like korbe

Ei ashay nijke change koro na

Tumar bastob obostha mene

Je tumay valobasbe hat barabe

Mone reko she tumay sottikar valobase?


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Valentines Day Wishes Cards in Bangla

valentines day wishes in bangla

valentines day wishes in bangla
valentines day wishes in bangla
valentines day wishes in bangla
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